Saturday, April 3, 2010

JPA Hot Issues


Here are some topics for JPA interview, taken from those who had experince JPA interview..
Answer in malay if the interviewers ask u in malay.if they ask in english,answer in eng.
dun forget 2 smile (tp bkn senyum2 kambing ok)
and normally they(interviewers) will ask u to introduce yrself,why u choose the course,why u choose that country n yr koko activities. normally but not a must.. =)

So, lets get started..

1. Increasing crime rate among students
2. Patriotism among teenagers
3. Parents are spending less time with their children (Ibu bapa pentingkan kerjaya daripada pendidikan anak-anak)
4. Perempuan masa kini terutamanya lepasan graduan luar negara menjadi ketua bagi kegiatan jenayah di Malaysia
5. Reality TV program give negative impact on students or not
6. Presents students are more pampered
7. 1st class infrustructure, 3rd class mentality (1st class infrastructure and 3rd class mentality still prevails)
8. Schools emphasize on academics excellence (Education system too emphasised on academics and tourism)
9. Junk food
10. Teenagers nowadays do not socialize
11. ICT: Advantages and disadvantages
12. Tahun ini ialah Tahun Melancong Malaysia. Apakah usaha yang boleh anda buat untuk melaksanakan program ini?
13. Mat dan Minah Rempit is a gang of young people who do not have direction in life, do u agree?
14. Heavy fines should be issued to litter bugs
15. Human resource
16. Drugs
17. Students who are choosy in picking their courses (Graduate unemployment is due to graduates being choosy about their job?)
18. Global warming
19. RMK 9
20. Things to prepare before going abroad
21. Children nowadays prefer to play computer games, etc
22. Violence
23. Female vs. Male in Academic Achievements
24. Reading Habit Among Youth is Declining
25. Dasar pandang ke timur
26. Corruption
27. Do you agree that bloggers should be registered?
28. Education system
29. The philosophy of a coin [the most unexpected question for me]
30. Do you think it's the right choice to categorize students into art stream and science stream?
31. Should school uniform be abolished or not
32. Tell us one strength and weakness of yours. One only
33. Pick a cartoon character that would best explain you and why
34. Picture yourself in 10 years time and what would you want to be
35. Isu-isu semasa di Malaysia pada masa kini?
36. Kemajuan sains dan teknologi membawa lebih banyak keburukan atau kebaikan
37. Your favourite TV programs and why
38. Nelayan laut dalam lebih mengutung daripada peladang
39. National Service for females should be established or not?
40. Malaysia harus membina sebuah pusat penyelidikan di kutub selatan
41. Negara barat dikatakan lebih maju dalam bidang IT. Apakah sebabnya?
42. Leadership & followership. The conclusion between leadership & followership
43. Our leader idols
44. Public Transport in Malaysia
45. Quality of Local Film vs. Foreign Film
46. Increasing crime Rate
47. Reality TV Shows (e.g.: Malaysian Idol)
48. Study Abroad vs. Study in Malaysia
49. Graduate Unemployment
50. National Service
51. Agricultural
52. Teaching of Mathematics and Science in English
53. Patriotism
54. 9th Malaysian Plan
55. How to promote our country?
56. Drug Abuse in Malaysia
57. Female vs. Male in Academic Achievements
58. Usage of Hand phone in Schools
59. Qualities of a Good Leader
60. Pollution
61. Healthy Lifestyles
62. Pros & Cons of Fast Food
63. Aspiration of Malaysia to be Center of Education Excellence vs. Sending Students Abroad
64. How will AFTA affect our Automobile Industry?
65. Vision School
66. Pros & Cons of Using Credit Card
67. Declining Reading Habit in Malaysia
68. Courtesy among Malaysians
69. Children nowadays are being pampered
70. Terrorism
71. ICT: Advantages and Disadvantages
72. White Collar Crime
73. Ways to Overcome Piracy (Counterfeit) Problem
74. 1st Class Facility, 3rd Class Mentality
75. Price of Petrol Increasing
76. Age for Driving License
77. Foreign Workers in Malaysia

Lastly,try yr best! the interviewers are really kind.dorg tak mkn org,jgn cuak sgt.
(apa pn, doakn ak dn kita semua x take for granted, huhu..)

actually, ak pn xprepare ag.. cme nk share info sama2.. doakn kita berjaya, insya-ALLAH.. amiin..

p/s : thanks to Syaufiq.. the credit is for him..

Barakallahu fii kum..


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