Saturday, April 3, 2010

Interview Guide : Ethics and Manners

Salam. To those who are preparing for the interview here is a simple guide. Hope it helps!

A)     Attire
1.       Boys :
                                                        i)            No songkok, no kopiah
                                                       ii)            Wear shirt, slack, shoes, tie
                                                     iii)            Long-sleeve shirt
                                                     iv)            Buy and prepare one complete set (reserve only for interview), include shoes, tie, etc..
                                                      v)            choose either :
·         Thin-striped shirt AND plain tie
·         Plain shirt AND striped tie
                                                     vi)            No black or white shirt
                                                   vii)            Dark colour slack
                                                  viii)            Hair style – no cacak-cacak *korg bukan nk pegi jamming oke!*
                                                     ix)            Kasut bertutup *whatever it is make sure a black, formal one, not sneakers!* 
                                 x)       Make sure ko shave. Interviewer x suke tengok segale janggut n jambang n misai okke.

2.       Girls :
                                                        i)            Baju kurung, wear light colours one
                                                       ii)            No tudung labuh *which means the ‘bulat one’, but tudung labuh biasa boleh*
                                                     iii)            Kasut bertutup n make sure it’s black.

B)      Handset
1.       SWITCH OFF your handset..! *this is interview okke!*
2.       Don’t just silent it. In a silent meeting room one can always sense a vibrating pocket of ur slacks. 

C)      Documents
1.       Bring all the documents needed
2.       Arrange it properly, according to the guide provided by the interviewer (e.g. Petronas). Otherwise, arrange them to make us find them easier. *Arrange je la~*
3.       Important documents :
                                                        i)            Identity Card – original copy and certified copy
                                                       ii)            SPM Slip – original copy and certified copy
                                                     iii)            Birth Certificate – original copy and certified copy
                                                     iv)            Testimony
                                                      v)            Resume
                                                     vi)            All certificates

D)     Timing
1.       Arrive early (10 -20 minutes earlier)
2.       Take your time to relax and cool down
3.       Make yourself comfortable and be prepared

E)      Body language
1.       Control your non-verbal communication (body language)
2.       Eye-contact (do mirroring)
3.       Facial expression (smile the cheese way,three pun boleh)
4.       Postures (walk, stand, sit)
5.       Gestures (hand, head)
6.       Project your voice clearly, not too loud, not too high.
7.       Look at all the interviewer present

F)      Be Energetic
1.       Display energy and positive attitude – remember, the interviewer is really exhausted attending to all the interviewee..!
2.       Be normally excited – like you want to be there, but don’t get over excited *biase2 punye excited, jgn terlebih dos suda*
3.       Look energetic – don’t look tired
4.       Make the interviewer remember you *think of something creative about you, let say, tap dance ke~ mind ya,candidates sgt ramai*

G)     Be Alert
1.       Be alert, attentive, and highly motivated – Jgn down..!*this will happen normally when u got partners that talk like bullet trains and conquer the whole discussion~*
2.       “Pardon, can you repeat the question for me?”
3.       Make sure you understand and you really answering the question.

H)     Emphasize On Your Strongest Point
1.       Start from your strongest point, because the interviewer might be tired and therefore could only focus on the first thing you tell them.
2.       Be confidence, tell that you can and great. Make sure confident!
3.       Before attending the interview, try to think why do you deserve the scholarship. The stand you would give them and keep in mind that you WANT and DESERVE the scholarship.

I)        Unexpected Question
1.       To evaluate how you control yourself suddenly.
2.       To test your confidence.
3.       The key here is to stay chill and relax though u don’t really know ‘wth’ the interviewers are asking about. Be out of the box. There’s a lot to explore with ur brain.

J)       English..!
1.       Use correct English *don’t do jargons. Even if ur English is boombastix, it is so tiring for others to listen to ur ‘great terms’*
2.       Use less “aah”, “umm” and etc.
3.       Just pause (max 30 sec) and smile, be articulate *means u REALLY know what to say and can express it clearly,bukan just ckp tapi diri sendiri pn xphm*
4.       Take time to arrange your sentence (to avoid “aah”).

K)      Critics
1.       Do not critise anybody in group presentation.
2.       Give credit to our team mate.
3.       Give chance for others to give their opinion, yet don’t let us be follower. *balance laa. Jgn byk ckp, dan jangan plak byk dengar saje~*
4.       Raise your hand to let others know that you want to say something.

L)       Promote Your Self
1.       Leave a good impression on the interviewer. *Kne pastikan die igt korg~*
2.       Be outstanding so that the interviewer will see you out of the other candidates.

M)   Passion
1.       Show how passionate you are in getting the scholarship, the courses and the country you want to study in
2.       Prove by telling them information you know (about the course, country, programme, scholar and etc.)
3.       Seriously, when passion come, it shows how you really put your effort in getting the scholarship. It will wipe others those who just want to take the scholar for no clear objective.

Be yourself, don’t brag, tell the truth (positively), they are interviewer, they can tell when you are bragging and people never like those who brag.
They just want to know more about you, so let them know.
They are searching for people they think might worth for them to spend their money on (it might be RM 1,000,000.00 per person).. prove to them that you won’t disappoint them!

So that's it for now. Mintak maaf ler language agak berterabur. Asal faham,kan?
Any new guides will be updated later okke~


Anonymous said...

tukar color font utk post ni bley x? sakit mata sbb
lbh kurg sme je color dye dgn background 2 + silau skrin monitor nih...thanx

Anonymous said...

Hmm, ko x edit ea..?

fye said...

hoi ismat, bunyi mcm nk mletop je..

aku edit sikit,
tapi tgk2 seme faham laa dengan ayat tuh~


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