Thursday, January 7, 2010

Preparations for interview~

Assalamualaikum guys~and not to be forgotten, gurls~(^_^)

First of all, I'd like to congratulate to everyone who had burnt their midnight oil (really?) to set up this blog, thank you very much for your initiative. Well, I do hope that more people (of our batch) will know and contribute to this blog.

Errm, let's get started shall we?
Well, basically,I don't want to explain in details on what to prepare as each interview is conducted differently, and one is unlikely as the next. So, Imma takin' ma Bank Negara Interview (BNM) as guidance, since it's called one of the toughest interviews ever exists in this country (hyperbolic).

For guys, it's a piece of pie (errm, should it be cake??). Just a shirt,tie, trousers and black shoes, that will do I guess. However, if you want to add some charisma into your personality, why not adding a blazer?? I'm sure you'll look great. Personally, wearing a blazer adds up my confidence, you guys know how I am, don't you?? haha. Remember, plain shirt + tie bercorak (what is it called in English?), baju bercorak + plain tie. (Oh my goodness, my English is getting rusty)

As for gurls, (how the hell would I know??).Errm, my friend from STF said she'll be wearin'
'baju kurung', like Perempuan Melayu Terakhir gitu. To be honest, baju kurung reveals the 'persona' (ayat dlm debat) hiding within a gurl. Even my sister wore baju kurung during her interview even though the only day she wears baju kurung would be Hari Raya (geez).

Throughout the interview :
b) MAKE JOKES (don't be a jester,though)

Now, let's share what actually happened during the BNM interview, though most of you already knew.
The people involved were Tuan Syed + Dr Zainal (the interviewers), Me, (*cough*Acap) oops, it's Asyraf, Ilman, (*cough*baby) Siti Aisyah, Haziqah and (*cough* kak long) Nasuha.

Each and everyone of us had a different experience for individual interview. I got the second longest interview,around 45 minutes (baby got the longest,though, about 1 hour).
The interview was like this :

1) Essay writing, 1 BM and 1 English in just 1 hour. Titles were given. For BM, it was all about economics!! I could still remember I did a composition on how to increase the quality of services and products and how they actually influence the nation's economics.

2) Individual presentation (given a title, create a situation and how you react to it)

3) Interview ( your background, which course you want to take, etc)

4) Group presentation (that explains everything, psst it was about global warming)

Well, I think I should just elaborate on Group Presentation as I think I made a HUGE MISTAKE during that part.
The question was we were to give a proposal to the government on what to do to reduce global warming. We (Nasuha, Me, Asyraf) were confused at that time, whether to put all the steps that we can think of or just focus on one step and explain everything about it. In the end, we decided that we should only be focusing on one step and explain everything. We took the 'Green Belt Strategy' (yeah, it's Geography F3,thanks to Nasuha). It was like The Apprentice, I ain't layin', it was true!! I was the project manager, Nasuha was secretary and geologist, Asyraf was the chemist and accountant. We started quite badly (blame me). Then the words starting to come out like bullets from our mouths. I was very excited and thrilled, Asyraf was very blur (haha), no, he was thinking very fast that his mouth and brain were not aligned together, and Nasuha was very calm (good one kak long). Because I was very eager and full of energy, it felt so intense in the BTU, luckily Asyraf and Nasuha cooled and smoothed everything down (thanks to them). In the end, it seemed that they were not quite satisfied (I don't know, we did our best though).

My advice :
1) Give chance to others to talk. When you feel that you've talked too much, look at your comrades who don't talk much, give 'em chance. It's not that when you talk the most you'll be guaranteed to get the scholarship anyway, the interviewers look at cooperation.
2) Regarding the assignment, just give all the steps that you can think of.
3) Usually, during end of the interview, they'll ask if you have any questions to them.
(be logical though)
4) Lastly, during the interview, it is YOU who will guide the interviewers, NOT them guiding you.

I guess this is all from me. Sorry for any weaknesses, it's there to be corrected.



Anonymous said...

Thanks Hakim..
That's gave an impression on how interviews are being handled..
Pray for us.. insya-Allah..

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